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The Remick Family's Maple Farm

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The 2017-2018 winter has sometimes felt like an old-fashioned winter. Snow cover has been pretty good and we've had a lot of cold weather with a couple weeks when we never warmed much above 0F and one night that hit -30F. Maybe not so old-fashioned were the days of warm rain followed by more freezing temps. In any case, it's now time to start thinking about making maple syrup.

Last year we had some warm weather at the end of February and I wasn't ready to catch the sap and make it into syrup. This year I plan to get going earlier. The plan is to start tapping in January to be sure to be ready by mid-February. UVM's Proctor Maple Research Center published a paper about a decade ago that examines the relative sap flow from trees tapped earlier or later, you can read it here.

No major changes to our operation this year. We'll be collecting sap from approximately 4000 maple trees, the same as the past several seasons. I've been pondering various improvements to our process but most of those will have to wait for another year.


Sweet Stone Maple Farm is the Remick family's maple farm in Hardwick, Vermont. Named after the granite quarries situated among our maple groves, Sweet Stone Maple Farm produces only 100% pure Vermont maple syrup. Maple syrup is an all-natural sweetener made by boiling sap collected from our own sugar maple trees. We are committed stewards of our land and follow a sustainable forest management plan for Sweet Stone's maple orchard. 


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