Sweet Stone Maple Farm

Continuing a family tradition of making Pure Maple Syrup in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom

The Remick Family's Maple Farm

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The 2015-2016 winter was a mild one here in Northern Vermont.  We didn't get much snow and we didn't get much really cold weather.  When it came time to tap trees it was pretty easy walking in the woods, no snowshoes required.  The mild winter didn't seem to have any negative impact on the maple trees' ability to produce sap.  We're on track to have a very good year. 

This year we haven't made many changes to our operation.  We've added about 200 trees that are close to existing sap lines but were previously untapped.  We swapped out a sap releaser for a newer model at the home woods.  Someday it would be nice to have a bigger sugarhouse but that's not in the plan for this year.


Sweet Stone Maple Farm is the Remick family's maple farm in Hardwick, Vermont. Named after the granite quarries situated among our maple groves, Sweet Stone Maple Farm produces only 100% pure Vermont maple syrup. Maple syrup is an all-natural sweetener made by boiling sap collected from our own sugar maple trees. We are committed stewards of our land and follow a sustainable forest management plan for Sweet Stone's maple orchard. 


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