Sweet Stone Maple Farm

Continuing a family tradition of making Pure Maple Syrup in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom

Sugarhouse in winter

Remick Family Maple Farm

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We had a great season this year and we want to share our syrup with you.  Our syrup is all pure, sweet, delicious, handmade Vermont maple syrup.  The syrup is graded according to color.  Now in stock we have:

The following sizes are available:

GallonHalf Gallon Quart Pint
Gallon: $50 Half Gallon: $30 Quart $20 Pint $12
**Prices do not include shipping.

Please inquire about other sizes and specialty containers.

To order syrup , please email us at preorder@sweetstonemaple.com  Soon we will also have a full online store on our website.  The Sugarmaker (and Chief of the Sap Line Cleaning Crew and Head of Order Fulfillment) is also the webmaster so sometimes the web site is not as up to date as we would like.  So for now, please email to order syrup.


Right now we're only accepting cash and checks.  When I add the online store I will add the ability to pay with a credit card.   Email with your syrup needs and we'll get back to you with a price that includes shipping.


The best rates for shipping syrup in the US are through the US Postal Service's flat rate priority mail.  Up to 2 half gallons will fit one box which will ship anywhere in the US for $15.



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