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Continuing a family tradition of making Pure Maple Syrup in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom

Sugarhouse in winter

Remick Family Maple Farm

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It's still winter here in 2018 but we're starting to tap trees in anticipation of the sugaring season to come. 




Old News: 

The 2012 Maple Open House weekend is coming up. Please join us Saturday March 24 from noon-6pm. We'll have the Butterbeans playing their tunes in the barn. We'll have syrup samples and syrup for sale. 

The 2012 season started early this year and what a season it is. Normally we look for nights in the 20s and daytime highs in the 40s for a good sap run. This year we've had over 8 days of warm weather with no freeze and the sap is flowing well and the syrup is good. 

Old News from 2011: 

Read coverage of our VT Maple Open House weekend:  news7 article

We're busy completing our 2011 expansion.  We're adding 2100 maple trees and are replacing nearly all of our equipment with new, state-of-the-art maple equipment.  

Since 2004 we've had about 300 maple trees just uphill from the sugarhouse.  This was great fun for the family and we produced enough syrup to supply our children and even have a few gallons left over to sell.  We enjoyed it so much we wanted to make more.  Since there were no more maple trees available near the sugarhouse, we had to look elsewhere.  We finally came upon some land just 3 miles from the sugarhouse that happens to have some nice stands of maple.  The trees we add this year will bring us to 2400 total maple trees in production.  We hope to add even more in the next couple years.


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